Never say "I can't do a pull up" AGAIN!
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"I can't do a pull up."

"I don't have the upper body strength." 

"Women just have a harder time with pull ups."

"I'm too old to do a pull up."

"I work my back and do assisted, but just never seem to get any closer to that full pull up."

"I'm just not built to do a pull up. I need to lose weight first."

Ever said any, or maybe all of these things, before?

Feel like you've been working FOREVER toward that pull up and just don't seem to get any closer?

You want to know the craziest part?!?

You may actually even technically BE STRONG ENOUGH TO DO A PULL UP and yet still UNABLE TO DO ONE!
It's because muscles have to engage and work correctly to do that full pull up, which might not be happening, especially if you sit a lot or hunch over!

So it isn't just strength you need to work on, but also being able to recruit those muscles efficiently and effectively!
That is why your workout routine can't just focus on band or machine assisted pull ups.

It's why all of those back exercises may not actually be doing you all that much good!

Before I reveal the 3 Keys To Improving Your Pull Ups in just 30 DAYS, I want to explain why using only bands and machine assisted pull ups may be holding you back!
Why Using Bands And Machines Alone WON'T Help...
Yes. At first we need to use assistance to perform pull ups.

But did you know bands may actually be the reason WHY you aren't able to achieve that first full pull up?

You may now be shaking your head in disbelief, but before you stop reading, here's my reason why...

Doing tons of assisted pull ups ONLY makes us better at doing assisted pull ups in many cases!
And on top of that...

Have you ever thought, "Well if I jump just a little or push off just a little I can do one? But I just can't seem to go from hanging to pulling up?"

Well that is because you can't engage your lats properly at the bottom of the pull up!

And guess what!?

Bands and machines give the most assistance at the BOTTOM of the pull up. At the point where we need to learn how to activate our lats.

Because we are constantly getting assistance at the bottom, we never learn how to actually ENGAGE our lats from a dead hang. 

Because of the assistance, most of us continue to struggle even as we get "stronger."

It's because you've been getting cheated out of learning how to engage your lats from a dead hang.

And on top of that, bands and assistance are hard to progress consistently. So we end up doing way too many reps in a row to build "strength."

But guess what doing more reps with assistance does?

It helps us get stronger, but stronger and better at doing pull ups with assistance!

Now I'm not saying that you can't ever use a band or assisted machine, because assisted pull ups play an important part in reaching that first full pull up. 

BUT ONLY focusing your training on assisted pull ups, may be the reason you've only gotten better at assistance. And it may be why you can do 10 assisted but don't feel any closer to your goal of that first full pull up.

That is why the 3 Keys To Improving Your Pull Ups I'll share below are ESSENTAL to get you're hard work to FINALLY pay off!
The 3 Keys To Improving Your Pull Ups!
Your Back Isn't Carrying Its Weight!
"The day after my neck is sore."

"I only feel my arms and shoulders."

"I just can't budge from the bottom of my pull up."

"I always end up with a shoulder or elbow injury when doing pull ups."

Guess what?

These things can all be caused by the fact that your back isn't activating and engaging the way it should.

That is why ACTIVATION is a key, and often MISSING PIECE, from our pull up workouts!

If your back, especially your lats, aren't engaged and working correctly, you are missing out on a HUGE muscle helping you to pull yourself up. 

Not surprisingly, if your back isn't working, you are asking just your arms to pull you up, which is why you continue to struggle.

You are also risking injury as smaller muscles try to take over and compensate.

Because most of us sit way too much or even hunch over our phones during the day, we create imbalances and a forward posture that often causes our lats and the other muscles of our back to not engage correctly. 

This forward, rounded posture can also cause our shoulder blades to become less mobile.

And that means we compensate and recruit smaller muscles that can't handle the load.

That is why ACTIVATION is Key #1.

You must first get your back working and engaged so you can use those stronger, bigger muscles to help pull you up!

You should start your pull up workouts with Activation Exercises. Use more ISOLATION MOVEMENTS to help build that mind-body connection and get your lats working and shoulder blades mobilized.

You need to be able to retract and depress your shoulder blades as you use the muscles of your back if you expect to achieve that 1st, or even that 15th pull up!

So Key #1?

Include Activation Moves aka isolation movements that use little to no resistance that get the shoulder blades moving and your back starting to work.

Then after your back is engaged and working, you'll be able to truly strength it with more compound moves OR even all of your pull up work.

After you get your back activated and working, you then need to make sure you include Eccentric Pull Ups in your routine!
Slow Things Down!
If you want to be able to do a full pull up, you have to do pull ups. 

BUT only doing assisted isn't enough. You NEED to take on your own bodyweight and you need to spend more time under tension.

That is where Eccentric Pull Ups come in.

So what are Eccentric Pull Ups?

Eccentric Pull Ups are pull ups that focus on a slow lower back down. You want to try to take as long as possible to slowly extend back down. 

With Eccentric Pull Ups, you can jump, use your feet or pull up to the top, but the key is to take on your own bodyweight for the lower back down. This will help you learn how to hold your own weight, which is key.

If you never take on your own bodyweight, you'll just get used to assistance and never learn how to engage your back and core as you perform the move.

AND by focusing on the eccentric portion of the movement, you can also break down more muscle tissue aka force your muscles to regrow stronger!

Studies have shown that slower tempos on the eccentric portion of a move can cause more muscle damage. And more muscle damage means your body is forced to repair and rebuild stronger!

This is why Eccentric Pull Ups are KEY #2. Using these you can gain more strength, learn how to handle your own bodyweight and spend more time under tension to help you get FASTER results.

So to recap...First you activate your back so that your back muscles are actually working. Then you use those back muscles while taking on your own bodyweight during Eccentric Pull Ups. 

And then?

You focus on doing MORE PULL UPS, but at the same time LOWER REPS.

How the heck can you accomplish both at the same time!?
Volume And Harder Variations!
If you want to reach that first full pull up, you can't just add more reps while doing assistance. Or all that will happen is you'll get better at doing reps of assisted pull ups.

HOWEVER, doing more pull ups and practicing more is ESSENTIAL if you want to improve.

So if you need to do more pull ups to get better BUT simply doing more reps won't necessarily help if you are using assistance, how do you accomplish both?

You do lower reps of the hardest variation possible, BUT more volume over the entire workout, even using "pushing past failure" to your advantage to build strength.

Maybe you can only do one super slow Eccentric Pull Up. 

Then do a round of one rep. 

Too often we just use assistance to do more reps simply thinking more will be better.

But it won't be.

If you want that first full pull up, you need to do the version closest to that and constantly be doing harder and harder variations. EVEN if it means one rep.

That ONE REP may be exactly the thing your program is missing!

You need to build that one rep strength instead of simply getting better at doing assisted pull ups!

I mean you want that first full one right? Then why train numerous reps if you're first shooting for that one?

Even if you want that 15th, doing harder variations for fewer reps can help you build even more strength!

Ok so then...If including lower reps and that one rep max is key...How can you end up doing MORE REPS too?

One great way is what I call, "the pushing past failure method."

Do the hardest variation you can for a rep or two then modify to eek out a few more reps. Heck, you can even then modify again to do a few more.

But basically, you do as many as you can and then regress to be able to do a few more after you've "failed."

This allows you to do more reps while still doing the hardest variations possible. You build strength AND endurance.

You may use assistance BUT you aren't ONLY using assistance.

You are using the lower reps to move closer and closer to that full pull up, while using the volume of going "past failure" to build your strength and endurance.

You need to do more pull ups to get better at them!
So How Can You Get Results In Just 30 Days?
Using these 3 Keys To Improve Your Pull Ups, you'll get your back working correctly and you'll then build your strength using Eccentric Pull Ups, lower reps, but more volume.

But how do you do all of that?

- What moves? 
- How do you design workouts? 
- How often should you do pull up work? 
- What other muscles do you need to strengthen besides just your back?!

Sick of randomly trying to piece moves and tips together HOPING they'll lead to results?

Want all of the guesswork gone and a completely done-for-you workout routine laid out?

Ready to get that first full pull up in the NEXT 30 DAYS?!

Well then...You've come to the right place!

How will you get results in just 30 days? 

With my 30-Day Pull Up Challenge!

I've developed a 30-day workout program focused on implementing these 3 Keys To Improving Your Pull Ups in ways that will have you feeling your back working from the first workout. 

And I've tested this program on my clients just like you!
The Results You Can Achieve!
What You'll Get With My 30-Day Pull Up Challenge...
Not sure how to include activation exercises in your routine? Not sure how many sets or reps you need? 

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Coaching Library - Exercise Videos:
Not sure how to do a move? Where you should feel it or even proper form?

Need modifications or even ways to advance basic moves?

In my Coaching Library, you'll find instructional videos to guide you through the entire 30-Day program, including:
  •  11 Foam Rolling Video Tutorials - Foam rolling is an ESSENTIAL part of the 30-Day Pull Up Challenge to loosen tight muscles so you can actually get your back activated and working. 
  •  17 Stretching Video Tutorials - If you’ve been working toward the pull up for awhile with no real success, these stretching moves will help you loosen up tight muscles to get your back engaged for pull ups while also IMPROVING YOUR POSTURE!
  •  16 Activation Video Tutorials - Remember Activation is Key #1! Use these 16 moves, and video tutorials, to help you achieve that first, or 15th!, pull up over these next 30 days!
  •  20 Strength Training Video Tutorials - Once everything is activated, it is ESSENTIAL your workouts strengthen not only your back and lats, but your entire core, which is what you'll do with these moves.
  •  How To Do A Perfect Pull Up Videos - In these videos, I go over proper form and provide you with coaching tips and variations to help you work and strengthen your back and core as you improve your pull ups.
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